Unlock the power of social learning

The simplest interactive learning tool for your entire community

The truth about online learning is that no-body really enjoys it, yet. Let's face it, we all thought we had the right tools for it until we met COVID-19. Although we managed to make the all content and lectures readily available online, the learning outcomes were below expectations. 

They were so because key aspects of education were left out. The community, interactivity and social learning couldn't find their way into the education technology sphere. That what MyU is here for.

A learning experience that's fun

A platform for inside and outside the class

Built simply for everyone

What is MyU?

An award-winning interactive learning management system (LMS) that will help organize learning and communication in any school or classroom. The platform creates a safe and controlled environment for educators to manage classes, engage with learners, organize content, and create discussions inside and outside the classroom. 

MyU Wins first place in MOE contest

We're very excited to announce winning the 1st place in Kuwait's education technology contest, sponsored by the Ministry of Education in Kuwait and organized by the Kuwait PR association. 

The award ceremony which took place in Kuwait University's Sabah Alsalem hall - Khaldeya campus was generously hosted by Dr. Ghanem Alsulaimani the deputy minister of Education in MOE. We extend our social thanks for all parties for recognizing our work and we promise to always provide the latest and greatest in the edtech space at all times!

Over 1000 schools worldwide use MyU to enjoy a


higher student engagement


Richer teaching experience


higher productivity

(over traditional LMS platforms according to 2019 survey with 900 educator respondents)

New: Chat-GPT is now avalable on MyU

Unlock the power of AI in your classrooms. In the new era of education, Artificial Intelligence will act as an indispensable companion to teachers, managers, and students alike. MyU provides flexible and affordable AI subscriptions depending on each school's requirements.